Who constitutes a joint family?

A family is considered as a ‘joint family’, if it includes two or more married couples, who are related lineally or collaterally. Some joint families are lineal collateral joint families. Generally, lineal joint families are patrilineal families. In South-West and North-East India, matrilineal joint families can be traced. In some families, supplemented members such as … Read more

Compare and contrast a modern industrial city with a pre-industrial city in India

Pre-industrial city is a city, which is not emerged as a result of industrialization but has other factors contributing to its formation. Pre-industrial cities are the cities that have emerged as a market places, but not associated with European industrial revolution. Benaras city can be stated as an example for this type of city. Industrial … Read more

Discuss the meaning of Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism is the belief that their scriptures are infallible, and their religion is supreme. Fundamentalists won’t spear those, who are at variance with the words of their scriptures. Hence they are interpreted as narrow-minded and bigoted. They even fight for the separate homeland, if it is mentioned in their religious books. This makes them isolated … Read more