Assignment Format - IGNOU

Presenting your assignment is as much important as writing quality answers. You can use "A4 sheets" or "Foolscap papers" to write IGNOU assignments. Take a look at the following steps to get an idea on assignments submission.

Sheet 1 :-

Assignment Format - IGNOU

You should attach question paper to assignment.

Sheet 2 :-

Assignment Format - IGNOU

Write your details and the assignment details. You can write in this sequence - Enrollment no., Name, Address, Course Code, Course Title, Assignment No., Study Centre, and finally Date of submission.

Sheet 3 & Onwards :-

Assignment Format - IGNOU

You can write answers on both sides of the paper. Some students write just question number while writing the answers. You can follow like that. But, it's always a best practice to write the question along with its number in the question paper. So that there is no need for evaluator to turn the pages to check the question that corresponds to the question number. Less irritation to evaluator means more marks for you. 😉

Submitting the assignments :-

Finally tie the loose papers with treasury tag. I couldn't find free image of treasury tag online. To avoid copyright issues, I'm not uploading the image here. You can check this link to see how the treasury tag looks like.

Make separate bundle for each assignment. That means MSO-001 assignment bundle, MSO-002 assignment bundle etc.

It's better to take xerox of your assignments to keep the copies with you.

Final Step :-

You can submit assignments by post or in hand at your Study Center. Do not forget to receive Acknowledgement slip. In general, while submitting exam fee, they will ask you to show acknowledgement slip to make sure assignments are submitted. Even if you pay the exam fee online, it's always safe side to keep your acknowledgement slip with you till your course is over.

Good Luck with your assignments. 🙂

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33 thoughts on “Assignment Format - IGNOU

  1. Hi,
    I am in Mcom 2nd year, I scored 58% (pass in all subjects ) in first year.
    So ,I want to know that can I improve first year few subjects with Mcom 2nd year exams on June 2019 & still eligible for Gold Medal or not?
    What is highest percentage for Gold Medal

  2. The study center which i had choose was Shyam Lal College, Delhi but one of my friends told me that the study center was shift to another institution so i may have problems on the study center where should i submit the assignment Please help

    1. Contact them and ask about the whereabouts of the study center (Phone no - 011 2232 4086). In case they are not responding, you can ask your doubts through asking a query here - .

  3. Hi
    Does the term end question paper have any common question from the term assignments ?
    I am doing a certificate course.

    1. May not! Many times, term end question papers do not have even a single question from assignment question paper.

    1. It was not mentioned that ruled paper is not allowed. But they mentioned to write in foolscap papers (which are not easily available in markets). It is better to use either A4 sheets or foolscap papers.

      Write the submission date (the day on which you are submitting the assignments).

    1. Course title means the name of the subject. For example, course title for MSOE-002 is "Diaspora and Transnational communities".

  4. Thank you very much for this important information. I have a question - I have seen in a video on YouTube that we have to fill and attach a assignment slip after front page in assignment? Please guide me about this.

    1. In study center, they will give 2 forms similar to the forms in 3rd and 4th page in this link -
      We have to fill these forms for each assignment and attach them to assignment before submitting. After that they will give an acknowledgement slip similar to the 2nd page in the link. We have to fill it and take signature of assignment recipient. This slip should be kept with us.

      1. Thank you very much . Your site is very useful for Ignou students. This is a very good initiative especially for the freshers. Keep it up.

  5. A very great help from your side sir. Thank you very much for providing ignou mso002 research paper. Great Work Sir. Millions of thanks...

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