Differentiate between inequality and difference

Dipankar Gupta explains the difference between inequality and difference while clarifying the stratification concept. Stratification is often interpreted as the arrangement of groups in a vertical or hierarchical manner, which is based on inequality. Dipankar Gupta explains that even though some systems such as wealth, income, social status, etc. are hierarchical, the stratification concept cannot … Read more

What is westernisation?

M.N.Srinivas, an Indian sociologist defines westernisation as ‘the impact of 150 years of British rule & the resultant changes in technology, ideology, institution, and values in India‘. Westernization opened new opportunities for social mobility. For example,  making land as a saleable commodity & treating everyone equally helped people of lower castes in improving social status. … Read more

Define the concept of city and give some of the ways in which city is described.

City is a functional integration of its elements – residents, structures, means of transportation, installations and so on. Sociologists all over the world defines city in different ways. According to Mumford, an eminent sociologist, the concept of city escaped scholarly scrutiny, though city as a form of human settlement dates back to the beginning of … Read more

Write a note on the Jewish diaspora.

Jews are one of the oldest communities that were dispersed, settled in different parts of the world and held onto the notion of homeland. The Jewish population started nation-building process, which made them more attached to their homeland. Eventually religious and national elements became highly intertwined. Scattering of Jews started at the time of Assyrian … Read more

Describe the migration patterns of Indian Diaspora in colonial India.

Indians traveled to other countries in ancient times for trade and to spread Buddhism, but were never formed as diaspora. The migration in ancient India was sporadic. After British started trade with India, migration of Indians happened in a large scale to other British colonies. Migration in India during colonial period is basically of two types … Read more