Discuss the relationship between theory and paradigm.

A “theory” is an explanation to the happenings in the world. It is not just an assumption, instead theory is based on scientific facts. There are many theories till now to explain various things such as the evolution of the modern world, globalization etc. Hence theories are considered as a creation of new knowledge. In … Read more

MSO-001 June 2017 Question Paper

Answer any five of the following questions in about 500 words each. Select at least two questions from each section. SECTION – I Discuss the social construction of reality as presented by Peter Berger. Discuss the contribution of E.E.Evans-Pritchard to the understanding of social structure.  What is Charisma? How is it routinized? Compare and contrast Weber’s and … Read more

Discuss the contribution of Joseph Schumpeter to the study of entrepreneurship in society.

Joseph Schumpeter, an eminent economist published many works on entrepreneurship. His theory of entrepreneurship directly says that entrepreneurship is innovation. Schumpeter pointed out that ordinary economic behaviour is more or less automatic, entrepreneurs on the other hand has always to think innovative. He opined that when entrepreneur innovates extraordinary things, he needs fresh guidance to proceed … Read more

Examine the role of civil society in a democratic order.

Civil society plays an important role in building and maintaining the democracy. Civil society movements can significantly influences the government policies as well as social attitude. It must perform some roles to maintain and strengthen the democracy. They are : To empower citizens :- Civil society empowers the citizens about their rights and duties and the … Read more