What were the views of Ambedkar on caste system in India? Discuss critically.

Ambedkar analysed complex caste system and its essential features. He explained that Hindu social order doesn’t recognize equality, liberty and fraternity. The second feature of Hindu social order is that the occupations of people are inherited. The third principle is that interaction of people is limited to the people that belongs to the same caste. … Read more

Compare the role of education in nation-building in India with that in other countries.

Nation-building is given top priority in the education curriculum of India. Knowledge of freedom struggle dominates the history books in Indian schools. Kumar pointed out that other subjects took back seat in this process. In India national identity is constructed around colonial history. Several phases in achieving independence are stressed to transform younger generation into … Read more

‘Schools perpetuate structural inequalities of power and access to resources.’ Discuss.

‘Paulo Friere’ thought that the current education system is perpetuating the structural inequalities of power. Friere closely observed the education system and the society in Brazil and realized that the education system is helping the dominant groups to keep their authoritative position over the oppressed. Friere proposed the ‘banking concept of education’. The present education … Read more

Outline the middle classes in Indian society.

The term middle classes refers to the social group that exists between upper classes and working classes. Middle class emerged in India under the British rule. Industrialization and mass education contributed to the forming of middle class. This newly formed middle class played an active role in India’s struggle for independence. After independence, the role … Read more

Discuss the relationship between theory and paradigm.

A “theory” is an explanation to the happenings in the world. It is not just an assumption, instead theory is based on scientific facts. There are many theories till now to explain various things such as the evolution of the modern world, globalization etc. Hence theories are considered as a creation of new knowledge. In … Read more