‘Schools perpetuate structural inequalities of power and access to resources.’ Discuss.

‘Paulo Friere’ thought that the current education system is perpetuating the structural inequalities of power. Friere closely observed the education system and the society in Brazil and realized that the education system is helping the dominant groups to keep their authoritative position over the oppressed. Friere proposed the ‘banking concept of education’. The present education … Read more

Discuss the relationship between theory and paradigm.

A “theory” is an explanation to the happenings in the world. It is not just an assumption, instead theory is based on scientific facts. There are many theories till now to explain various things such as the evolution of the modern world, globalization etc. Hence theories are considered as a creation of new knowledge. In … Read more

What do you understand by circulation of elite?

Vilfredo Pareto proposed the concept of ‘Circulation of elite’. It can be explained in atleast two ways. One of them is that the ‘circulation of elite’ is the process in which one elite replaces the another. The second reference is that the movement of people from non-elite groups to elite groups and vice-versa. Pareto explained … Read more

Do you think villages can be treated as ‘little republics’? Critically discuss.

Before the British rule in India, Indian villages enjoyed considerable amount of autonomy from the higher level of the political system. This was because of the poor communication facilities and the lack of road connectivity. Kings allowed villages to govern themselves in day to day matters. Village panchayats used to settle disputes and maintained law … Read more

Role of forests in controlling floods.

Forests play a major role in preventing and controlling floods. Tree stores water in its deep roots. So, Forests allow the water to go into the soil. They also prevent the extreme water run-off and hence prevents landslides & topsoil erosion. Most of the flooding disasters are caused by deforestation. The volume of water retained … Read more