Discuss the Relative Deprivation Approach to the understanding of poverty

There are two main approaches to understand poverty. One is 'nutritional' approach, and the other one is 'relative deprivation' approach. Nutritional approach measures poverty in terms of minimum income. This approach is adopted by most of the developing countries. Developed Read more


Do you think villages can be treated as ‘little republics’? Critically discuss.

Before the British rule in India, Indian villages enjoyed considerable amount of autonomy from the higher level of the political system. This was because of the poor communication facilities and the lack of road connectivity. Kings allowed villages to … Read more



Parochialisation is the opposite process of universalisation. It is the process of localization and modification of the 'great tradition' into 'little traditions'. One of the examples for this is the localization 'Cow Nourisher worship festival'. Locals of Kishan Garhi village … Read more