Discuss the relationship between theory and paradigm.

A “theory” is an explanation to the happenings in the world. It is not just an assumption, instead theory is based on scientific facts. There are many theories till now to explain various things such as the evolution of the modern world, globalization etc. Hence theories are considered as a creation of new knowledge. In … Read more

Bring out the debates revolving around large dams in India, with suitable examples.

Construction of large dams always faced resistance and criticism from local people, environmentalists and social activists. On the other side, some economists, engineers, agronomists and development planners are in favor of large dams. There are valid arguments and explanations for both sides. Effect on local people :- The main argument for those who are protesting against … Read more

Discuss the Relative Deprivation Approach to the understanding of poverty

There are two main approaches to understand poverty. One is ‘nutritional’ approach, and the other one is ‘relative deprivation’ approach. Nutritional approach measures poverty in terms of minimum income. This approach is adopted by most of the developing countries. Developed countries adopted the approach of relative deprivation to measure poverty, because deprivation to food is … Read more

How has the proliferation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) affecting the nature of employment in India?

‘Information and Communication Technologies’ (ICT) created vast number of employment opportunities as well as took away some jobs. In India, ICTs enhanced the economic productivity across region and geographic location. It created new fields such as online banking, cyber security, mobile apps etc. The proliferation of ICTs brought outsourcing jobs to developing countries, thus benefited Indian economy. In … Read more