Define the concept of city and give some of the ways in which city is described.

City is a functional integration of its elements - residents, structures, means of transportation, installations and so on. Sociologists all over the world defines city in different ways. According to Mumford, an eminent sociologist, the concept of city escaped scholarly … Read more


Compare and contrast a modern industrial city with a pre-industrial city in India

Pre-industrial city is a city, which is not emerged as a result of industrialization but has other factors contributing to its formation. Pre-industrial cities are the cities that have emerged as a market places, but not associated with European industrial … Read more


Is Globalization related with poverty in India? Discuss with suitable examples.

Globalization made the world closer and created lot of opportunities for many people. With the intervention of World Trade Center, many countries allowed free flow of capital, goods, human resources and technology. This caused the establishment of new industries and … Read more