Compare and contrast a modern industrial city with a pre-industrial city in India

Pre-industrial city is a city, which is not emerged as a result of industrialization but has other factors contributing to its formation. Pre-industrial cities are the cities that have emerged as a market places, but not associated with European industrial revolution. Benaras city can be stated as an example for this type of city. Industrial … Read more

Examine the role of civil society in a democratic order.

Civil society plays an important role in building and maintaining the democracy. Civil society movements can significantly influences the government policies as well as social attitude. It must perform some roles to maintain and strengthen the democracy. They are : To empower citizens :- Civil society empowers the citizens about their rights and duties and the … Read more

What is Sanskritization?

Sanskritization is a process by which scheduled castes, tribes and other low Hindu castes changes their way of life, customs and rituals in the direction of upper castes. Sanskritization gained more momentum during the British rule. Caste census fueled anger among the many lower castes in hierarchy. Educationally and economically mobile lower castes didn’t accept their inferior … Read more

Define Other Backward Classes.

‘Other Backward Classes’ is the intermediate layer between the traditional upper castes and the untouchables. It is a heterogeneous category comprising diverse socio-economic entities. The extremes in the category are the dominant castes like land-owners and the economically & socially deprived castes, who work as landless laborers, sharecroppers etc. A few non-Hindu communities too falls under this … Read more