Differentiate between inequality and difference

Dipankar Gupta explains the difference between inequality and difference while clarifying the stratification concept. Stratification is often interpreted as the arrangement of groups in a vertical or hierarchical manner, which is based on inequality. Dipankar Gupta explains that even though some systems such as wealth, income, social status, etc. are hierarchical, the stratification concept cannot … Read more

What is westernisation?

M.N.Srinivas, an Indian sociologist defines westernisation as ‘the impact of 150 years of British rule & the resultant changes in technology, ideology, institution, and values in India‘. Westernization opened new opportunities for social mobility. For example,  making land as a saleable commodity & treating everyone equally helped people of lower castes in improving social status. … Read more

Outline the middle classes in Indian society.

The term middle classes refers to the social group that exists between upper classes and working classes. Middle class emerged in India under the British rule. Industrialization and mass education contributed to the forming of middle class. This newly formed middle class played an active role in India’s struggle for independence. After independence, the role … Read more

What do you mean by social forestry ?

The concept of social forestry was introduced to work towards afforestation and to meet rural people’s needs. Under this program, unused and fallow land is used to plant species that can be beneficial to local people’s needs. At the same time social forestry helps in afforestation, prevents soil erosion and also helps in generating food … Read more

Discuss the Relative Deprivation Approach to the understanding of poverty

There are two main approaches to understand poverty. One is ‘nutritional’ approach, and the other one is ‘relative deprivation’ approach. Nutritional approach measures poverty in terms of minimum income. This approach is adopted by most of the developing countries. Developed countries adopted the approach of relative deprivation to measure poverty, because deprivation to food is … Read more