Discuss the meaning of Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism is the belief that their scriptures are infallible, and their religion is supreme. Fundamentalists won’t spear those, who are at variance with the words of their scriptures. Hence they are interpreted as narrow-minded and bigoted. They even fight for the separate homeland, if it is mentioned in their religious books. This makes them isolated from the mainstream.

Fundamentalist movements happen across the world in the name of reviving the original tradition. Though they have some common goals, fundamentalist movements differ with one another in various ways. These movements are not just about religious beliefs and practices, but also about lifestyles. For example, if their religion doesn’t allow cutting hair, they consider modern generation that cut hair as ignorant. According to fundamentalists, they are fighting to eliminate corrupt lifestyles and trying to revive the original tradition. However Some fundamentalists opt for selective retrieval of tradition, considering present day needs.

Fundamentalism is the distinctive category. Most importantly, there are three features of Fundamentalism. The first one is the belief of spiritual authority. The second feature is criticizing the contemporary culture. The third common element of Fundamentalists is the close links with political power. Though some of them doesn’t exhibit this in public, almost all fundamentalists are either involved in the politics are have links with politicians. Despite this, they describe themselves as cultural organization.

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